Welcome to Oceanian Migration Services (OMS) — an approach to migration you won’t find anywhere else.

We are a Global organization having offices in Perth, Australia & Chandigarh, India. We are working constantly to help international immigrants, workers and professionals in realizing their dream of living in the country of their choice . We evaluate and provide guidance for the immigration procedure, Visitor Visa, Study Visa, Skilled Migration, PR visas. We have set the standard of excellence in the field of international mobility (Immigration) with our credential evaluations, research and consulting services, and on-going support for international skilled immigrants & students.

Our team of expert executives is dedicated, ensuring that we continue to grow as a leader in international mobility and provide the best service to our clients.


We believe in a future where there are no boundaries to global mobility/re-settlement, where barriers to the understanding or acceptance of skills no longer exist. We value your Time and your success.