For a person to be eligible for a partner visa, they have to be married to a citizen of the country they want a visa from. It is the same case with Australia. For a person to be granted a partner visa to Australia, they have to be married to a citizen of Australia or have a common relationship with a permanent Australian resident.

The resident should sponsor you for a minimum of 2 years.

If your relationship remains steady and continues even after the two years, then you are allowed to apply for permanent Australian residence.

If you are applying for a visa by marrying a resident, the marriage must be legally accepted. People applying for partner visas from outside Australia have to be married to their Australian partners during the time of application or planning to be married before the visa is granted.

Following documents are required to apply for Australia Partner Visa. You must make sure that you collect all these documents mentioned below for smooth sailing of your Australia Partner Visa:

  • Application forms
    There are two forms which are to be filled in English language. One is for the applicant, the other one is for spouse.
    • 47SP Application form for migration to Australia by a partner (if migrating to Australia)
    • 40SP Sponsorship form for a partner to migrate to Australia (if sponsoring partner)
  • Documents to prove your identity (birth certificate)
  • A certified copy of the first page of your passport
  • Two recent passport size photographs (coloured)
  • A certified copy of the name change, if changed birth name at any point before applying for the visa application
  • Documents to prove your relationship:
    • Certified copy of Marriage certificate or similar relationship registration
    • Certified copy of death certificate, divorce document, or separation document if you or your spouse either married before and was divorced/separated/widowed
    • Both partners must submit the written statement about the history of their relationship in detail
    • Joint financial documents like joint bank statements, property papers, insurance policies, etc.
    • Certified documents proving shared household responsibilities as well as documents of how other family members perceive your relationship (family photographs, joint travel plans, invitation cards for both as couple etc.)
    • Written proofs of your long lasting relationship
    • If in a de-facto relationship, you will need to present evidence of you both living together for at least an year prior to your visa application
  • Character and Health documents
  • Sponsor’s supporting documents
    • Documentary proof that the sponsor is either Australian Permanent Resident/Australian citizen
    • Evidence showing that the sponsor usually resides in Australia